Kirsten Woest - Kirwoest


母国カナダ、家族のつながりあるドイツ、そして現在の日本の自宅と、心は地球規模に広がって、つながりを大切にした人間関係の基本を大切にするよう心がけています。キアステンの作品は、強い色調とバランスをとる構成、パターンが基礎スタイルとなります。 最近では、明るくあざやかな色の染色、子どもや大人が色や布地でや布地での自由なアート製作を通して自分たちを表現できるよう指導しています。 それ以外にも、例えばアクリル、木、金属、コラージュ、写真などほとんどのものを素材として使ったり、試したりと、なんでもアートの対象にしてしまうことが楽しくてしかたないのです。







Teacher and artist, Kirsten Woest constantly strives to balance interests and talents in her overflowing, rich life. Heart stretched across the globe between Canadian homeland, family ties to Germany and present home in Japan, she strives to underline shared and basic human experience.

Her work usually is based in strong colour with balancing compositions and patterns. Kirsten has recently focused on the use of bright dyes, guiding children and adults to express themselves through colour and freedom on fabric. Nonetheless, Kirsten is happy to use and explore most media: acrylics, wood, metals, collage, photography... She thrives in variety, creativity, expression and assisting others in finding their voice and understanding the principles of visual balance.

Kirsten can most often be found facilitating workshops in the Odawara area; participating in local art and artisanal events; in addition to teaching English to specific groups and individuals privately.  She sometimes organises her own workshops at her home studio and also at Replicant Church Studio 2F for other projects. 

Due to her changeable and dynamic nature, schedules change monthly, so please check online for updates. Sometimes in another country, devoting time to family, or organising art-related events and teaching privately, she looks forward to meeting you at one of her upcoming events and classes.